The Easy Way To Feng Shui Your Love Life

Leap 350wIn Feng Shui terms your Love Life is affected by your number 2 Sector, Relationships. I’m talking here about the intimate, personal and loving relationship your soul seeks with another. That’s the one that can be harder than hen’s teeth to find! It’s your adult relationship, the one of caring and sharing, that once you’ve finally found it, can be a nightmare to keep balanced and working well.

Life is meant to be easy and Feng Shui (pronounced FUN-g shway) can help you find, or keep, the love of your life, easily. It’s all a matter of focus and energy flow and as you follow the tips below and start bringing in new energy to your Relationship, let your intent be on making it FUN and EASY!

As a general rule the Relationship sector is in the NE corner of your home, as seen from your entrance. This may not be your bedroom, it could be any room, in fact it’s just as likely to be your toilet, and that doesn’t mean as long as you live there your love life will go down the pan!

Now throughout your home but particularly in this sector your home gives clues to the things you focus on that keep you from the love you crave….

When I do a consultation there are a few things I notice immediately when someone’s been on their own for a while, and the first is, quite understandably, their subconscious has drawn them to images of solitary figures. Our subconscious always seeks to make us right and in the comfort of our own home we reassure ourselves we’re ‘alright’. That’s when I notice client’s pictures of, usually elegant women, or men, alone. Things will be laid out singularly, or in odd numbers – giving a ‘crowded’ appearance to counter a feeling of loneliness – YES, children come in here and create a crowd you can’t seem to get away from, AND where intimacy is cherished in a relationship, the home reveals the pairing. Think about it – couples have things in pairs, with space for two people.

If you want a relationship, or to improve your relationship, display things in couplings of 2, have lots of images of happy pairs around and make space for two people!

And that brings me to my second observation: how much space is there? What clutter has accumulated in the relationship sector? What drains are there on intimacy?

Clutter is confused energy, it is also a sign you’re not clearing out regularly – your home or your mind. Of course you are confused if you want to move forward into an exciting new relationship, but your mind constantly reminds you what went wrong or is wrong that prevents it from happening!

I ‘looped’ on this one for years! I kept the family home after my first husband left. I slept in the same bed, drove down the same drive, looked at the same wall paper. These were all images my subconscious had accepted for years meant I wasn’t available. And despite me telling myself I was, hanging onto these things was a comfort blanket I’d wrapped myself in to prevent me from getting hurt in another relationship. These things had become ‘clutter’ in my life, and I didn’t really move on until I changed my focus and let them go.

I talk a lot about letting go: you have to let go to create the vacuum needed to draw in the new – and you need to identify what that new looks like to make sure you attract what you want and not a repeat what you’ve just cleared out! Your home reflects your mind, so look around, what’s your 2 sector telling you? Does your dirty beige carpet get replaced by another beige carpet? Are you surrounded by ‘stuff’? Where else in your life are you playing safe and hanging onto the past?

Have fun-g, and do let me know your results!

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