Feng Shui For Health & Well Being

Still life with four frangipani on wet zen stonesAre you low in energy? Lacking lustre? Or sick? Perhaps you keep getting sick, it’s been one thing after another for months? Or you have a debilitating condition, maybe pain is pulling you down? How can changing anything in your home help you find improved health?

That’s an easy questions to answer, as soon as you realise everything is energy and everything is connected. You do not end at your finger tips, the energy that flows through you extends into your immediate environment, and – here’s the good news – your environment is here to encourage and help you. You just need to understand the messages your home gives and start making some simple changes.

In the Feng Shui Ba Gua, Health and Well Being is located in Sector 3, and this is the most powerful sector of your home to make changes when you are looking for health improvements. For now though, as you start your journey and in order for you to make progress quickly, I want you to choose the room in your home where you currently feel most comfortable. Find something in there that you find really pleasing. If you are already struggling, here’s your first clue as to why your body is showing symptoms of stress and physical dis-ease! We all need a physical place for our physical body to rest and recuperate. It doesn’t have to be a palace; it does have to be pleasing and comfortable to you, and making it so is your first Feng Shui task.

What you need in your room is what you need in your body, so unblock your space to allow clear, easy movement; remove all clutter (stagnant energy) and keep only what is useful or beautiful. Clean your room (remove toxins). Introduce colour, what colour would make you feel good right now? Fix broken bulbs and adjust lighting so it pleases you. Make your room smell nice and feel warm.

Now, what do you like about your room? What are you going to improve even more? How much better still is that going to make you feel? Go do it, step by step and bit by bit your health will improve. All you have to remember is to make it easy, and make it fun. Health changes will start within 9 days.

Send me your questions and let me know how you get on!

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