Make Every Day Valentine’s Day!

love headerI’ve been thinking about two clients this week, both came to me seeking love. One had almost miraculous results very quickly when we adjusted the energy in her home; the other several weeks later is still waiting. I pondered on this for a while, and decided for Valentine’s Day I would share my thoughts with you.

After my first marriage failed I was single for several years. To start with dating was fine, I didn’t feel ready for a full love commitment yet, though as time went on I began looking seriously – and how depressing it became! Every time a guy even eyed me up a voice in my head would say ‘Oh I wonder if he’s The One?’ – Usually followed by a swift drop in my energy. If he was gorgeous, I thought I wouldn’t be good enough, if he wasn’t gorgeous, well, he wasn’t gorgeous was he? So even if I didn’t completely switch off to the possibility, disappointment registered in my energy shift! I didn’t know too much about energy flow then, so missed the importance of this, and it is hugely important.

Abraham says: ‘The reason you have not already gotten what you desire is because you are holding yourself in a vibrational holding pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire. That is the only reason – ever!’

You’ve heard me say it before, everything is energy and energy vibrates at a certain frequency. We need to vibrate at the same frequency as that which we want to attract – think of tuning in a radio. A transmitter is there all the time transmitting at a certain frequency, the receiver needs to be tuned to the same frequency to receive its signal. As soon as it does white noise disappears and music floods in.

So how do you ‘tune in’ to the right frequency so you can make music with the love of your life? First, let’s explore the difference in these two clients:

  • Client A knew exactly the relationship she wanted: she described it in detail and knew immediately the beneficial changes her Love relationship would bring. As we talked and I moved her past her clutter, she started vibrating differently. The energy shift was there, I saw it and she felt it, and helping her make the necessary changes in her home to hold that frequency and attract her love was easy.
  • Client B had also put a lot of thought and research into finding a new partner. Very attractive, for her getting dates was pretty easy and after each she weighed up the pros and cons of her beau. Now negative energy (cons) is heavier, it sticks more than positive energy (pros), which is light and dances, so gradually the weight of energy on her mental list (aka thoughts) was tipped toward what she didn’t like. Disappointment created an energy shift and without realising it she was now transmitting at a different frequency – a frequency that matched what she didn’t like! The men she now attracted were also transmitting at this lower frequency, bringing with them more of what she did not like.

Client B is doing what I did for so many years. Fortunately, without any understanding of energy work, or the life changing power of the energy shift I made, I shifted my frequency by allowing my mind to spend more time musing on the good things in my life. I took my attention away from what was missing and instead started really enjoying all I had. I took renewed pleasure in my home and my possessions, my family and friends; I took better care of me! As I enjoyed the present, so I was prepared to think the future would hold good things too, and I started to imagine what they could be. I wrote down what My Man would be like: his physical attributes and character traits, what he wanted from a relationship, what I wanted, and the very practical nitty-gritty stuff. Suddenly I knew this was possible, what I didn’t realise was I was now resonating at the right frequency to attract it!

On Valentine’s Day 2003, I had my first date with Mike, and by the end of the meal I knew this guy was my ‘My Man,’ the one I’d written about. Today we live the beautiful, happy life I knew we would. Of course there are ‘cons,’ Yin and Yang tell me there always will be, but I’m learning that as long as my focus stays on the ‘pros’ I can dance along with the positive vibes and forget the rest!

‘When you are consciously aware of your own thoughts and you are deliberately offering them, then you are the deliberate creator of your own reality.’ – Abraham.

Feng Shui helps you put yourself in a vibrational place of receiving all that you are asking for. It helps you connect with renewed energy and expand this into your home and possessions, so they now join you in raising your frequency even higher. As you learn to hold things lovingly and keep Chi (Joy) flowing freely, you will increasingly manifest the love you want in your life.

Make every day Valentine’s Day, Have Fun-g and create Love!

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