Tai Chi – Centre – You!

Light 750x350Sector number 5 is the hub of the Life Wheel or centre of your Ba Gua. It’s the core of your life, and it never fails to amaze me how in so many homes it is a non-defined and often quite empty area. Lots of doors and corridors, it can be split between several rooms and often has no focal point.

Obviously most homes are designed around windows – we want light and views out to the world and our 5 sector is buried in the belly of our home, so maybe it’s not a place we chose to enjoy. This indicates we have eyes that look out; we spend the vast majority of our time pre-occupied with things to do ‘out there’; and what is buried within us often gets scant attention!

As you know I always say keep only what is useful or beautiful, and certainly what is hidden in our core is useful to us, so we tend to give it enough attention to keep it working to some degree, but few of us take the time to find the beauty here and really fall in love with ourselves.

The child we were lives in our hearts and for many s/he is crying from neglect! Think what you would do if you saw a child on the street crying from neglect – would you scold them, push them away, ignore them? No. Yet this so often is how you treat yourself! So check the Ba Gua given below and go to your No 5 sector now. Look around, what does this area tell you? Be brave and determined as you stand here – remember if you are not for yourself, who will be? Now give your inner child some love and attention by placing your hand on your heart and asking gently:

“What is it you need? How can I love you more and help you to be truly happy?”

You’ll be amazed at the answers that come to you and the strengthening and healing that follows as you take action and confirm your commitment. Here’s how:

  • Clean and tidy this area.
  • Remove all stagnant energy held in rubbish or unused ‘stuff’ that may be stored there (Is this showing in your body as weight around your middle?)
  • Remove everything that you consider neither useful nor beautiful
  • Install some items you do consider beautiful, particularly anything ceramic or earthenware.
  • Bring in the bright red and orange colours of confidence, or the pink and plum shades of love.
  • Introduce life with a healthy plant or happy photo of yourself.

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