Exceeded my expectations…

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I have been interested in Fung Shui for a long time & considered having a consultant visit my house.

I met Viv at a short talk on Fung Shui. I immediately found her simple easy to understand approach very interesting & inspiring. Viv has a lovely attitude to her work and is full of fascinating facts & ideas & stories. Viv calls it Fun(g) Shui & I can honestly say I have found this to be very true.

After a visit to my house I received an excellent, beautifully designed report; easy to follow and start making small or larger changes. My main area was relationships & to my surprise things improved VERY quickly; far beyond what I would have expected to happen. I look forward to our regular chats & gets lots of great ideas every time we speak.

I have recommend Viv to lots of my friends & family!

Jilly Evans Lewes 4 August 2014