What a fun evening!

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I recently hosted a Feng Shui Party with Viv at my house and I can honestly say that it’s been the most enjoyable and enlightening social gathering I’ve had in a long time. Viv was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very engaging in her explanation of the basics of energy flow in the home, answering countless questions and giving lots of useful tips and advice. Not only did we all learn a great deal about how to make our homes feel happier, we had a fun evening too!

As the host, it was a great opportunity to have Viv take a look at my house and suggest improvements to the areas that I knew weren’t working for me. I started making minor adjustments the very next day – and was amazed to see how even little changes can bring about major energy shifts. Viv is wonderfully warm, intuitive and positive and I am delighted to count her as one of my ‘helpful people!’

~ Nicole T 4 August 2014