It’s a joy to go home!

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When I first met Viv Lambert I felt very comfortable in her company. Her warmth and caring nature are very special qualities and always a pleasure to see her and chat.

One day I mentioned I was really struggling with my flat and the difficulty of using the small space to its best advantage.

Viv listened and said I’m a Feng shui Life coach and instantly I knew that I would book a consultation with her. I felt very safe and able to trust in her to come and see what was causing the problems, without judgement.

At the time I was quite overwhelmed in all areas of my life and my flat was so cluttered it was embarrassing to even be able to have friends over for a cup of tea. In fact, everything seemed out of balance and needed a good sorting out.

The consultation was amazing and shed light in the darkest corners. Viv really listened and gave practical advice as well as how the space was also reflecting my personal life. Each Feng shui area was discussed in a very caring way and the consultation addressed all aspects of life and brought awareness to some of the areas I was really stuck in.

Viv’s Feng Shui consultation and reading of the space was so insightful and accurate. I felt empowered and supported to really start making the changes that needed to happen. I also felt inspired, happy and in control again.

A month on and there have been so many changes on all levels. It is a joy to go home, there is more space and balance, on the inside and externally. There have been shifts in thinking patterns and the whole space is now uplifting which gives a fabulous energy. It truly is a lovely feeling.

If you are thinking of having your home Feng Shui’d then I would wholeheartedly recommend Viv Lambert.

~ Sarah Chady 4 August 2014