Feng Shui Your Way To A Fresh Life Path

Feng Shui for a new Life PathChallenges are a fact of life, and whatever yours may be, opening to new opportunities is the best way forward. Even in a recession opportunities abound, the difference is in a recession they are spotted by fewer people because the majority believes the doom and gloom they read and stop looking for them! Set your intent this month to welcome new opportunities by taking a fresh look at the entrance to your home and clearing it.

Chi is Life Energy and it must meander freely to your door and into your home. The entrance to your home represents the entrance to your body: How much nourishment could you take in if your mouth was blocked? How effectively do you oxygenate your system when you have a cold and your nose is blocked?

As Chi enters your home so it enters your Life, so move anything that obstructs or tarnishes your entrance.

  • What is seen is multiplied so remove rubbish and store bins out of sight,
  • Sweep your path or lobby, change or freshen your doormat,
  • Cut back bushes that obscure your entrance,
  • Remove completely dead, ugly or spiky plants,
  • Clean windows,
  • Hang wind chimes that gently cleanse the air,
  • Replace breakages and ensure all lights work.
  • Indoors, store outdoor wear tidily, in a cupboard where possible.
  • De-clutter your hallway – make space for the new you want to enter.

Now is a great time to start: it’s party time, so celebrate the moving on of the old and create a bright welcoming entrance to your home. Within 9 days you will notice new opportunities arriving at your door.

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