Life Area 1 : Tao

Life Area One

Career, Way, Life Path, Journey & Job

  • Feeling stuck in a rut at work?
  • Ready for a change of direction, or even a new career?
  • Looking for a fresh challenge?
  • Know you have a lot more to offer but not sure how?

Often called the career sector, the No.1 sector symbolises much more than just your job. It is your Tao, your Way or Life Path. Think of a boat trip on a beautiful river – sometimes your ride can be quiet and reflective, at others it will be like shooting rapids! Always it represents your freedom of choice and ability to follow your dreams. As you learn to correct your course quickly and stay balanced, so you flow through life with ease.

You can activate Chi in this sector when you are ready for:

  • a big change in your life direction
  • a career change
  • a new or a first job
  • more life opportunities

Applying simple Feng Shui principles in this area of your life will help you move effortlessly and stay in the flow.

A water theme, deep water colours, unusual shapes will all bring new opportunities flooding to your door.

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