Life Area 3 – Health

Life Area Three

Family, Elders, Respect, Honours, Superiors

  • Suffering from recurring or hereditary illness?
  • Depressed immune system?  Tired, stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Weakened by friction and repeated arguments?
  • Feeling the weight of the world rests on your shoulders?

This area of our life symbolises our past, our ancestors and supports. Honour and respect are the qualities reflected: the ability to accept, forgive, respect and bless your past. Improved health and happiness is the result of getting Chi flowing in this Sector.

Activate Chi in this sector when you are:

  • looking for an improvement in your health
  • going into or recovering from surgery
  • needing extra energy for competitive sport or unusual exertion
  • wanting to make family relationships healthier

Feng Shui, applied well in this Sector, will help invigorate your body and heal your life.

For this you want to connect with the colours and beauty of Nature and the solid, expansive, well-rooted Wood Element.

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