Life Area 4 – Wealth

Life Area Four


  • Do you feel you don’t have enough?
  • Do you think you aren’t good enough?
  • Do you want more?
  • Would you love to expand?
  • Want to feel truly prosperous?

This area of our life symbolises prosperity – the abundance we seek in all things. Happiness and blessings come to us in many forms and it is time to activate Chi in this sector if you want to:

  • prosper and expand your life in any Sector
  • receive unexpected money
  • create more money
  • get a pay rise
  • open yourself to receive presents from the universe
  • give or receive a blessing
  • increase your enjoyment of Life

Here again you are dealing with the wonderful, expansive Wood Element, so bring in the colours and themes of nature to create the abundance you desire.

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