Life Area 5 – Tai Chi

Life Area Five


Can you be overly harsh or critical of yourself? Do you suffer from self doubt? Are you feeling depressed or overwhelmed? Ever wonder who you really are and what your life’s all about?

This area of our life symbolises who we are and the importance of arranging our lives to enable us to be at, and give of, our best. The Tai Chi contains all that you are and all that you seek to be.  It is important to keep this area of your home clean, uncluttered and well ordered and have at least one object you consider truly beautiful here. (Ideally this would be made of your Personal Element)

If you want any or all of the following, this is the Sector to activate:

  • peace within
  • balance and serenity
  • a deeper understanding of the ‘real’ you
  • meditation
  • better mental and physical health

In Feng Shui there are a number of ways to get Chi flowing freely in this Sector, by de-cluttering and connecting this sector of your home to the fertile Earth Element.

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