Life Area 6 – Helpful People

Life Area Six


  • Struggling on alone and feeling unsupported?
  • Want to travel?
  • Seeking guidance on the best way forward?
  • Want to enlarge your circle of friends?
  • Looking for more clients/customers?

This area of our life symbolises gifts from heaven. These take many different forms, such as good neighbours, close friends, the support of new acquaintances, signs from the universe, intuitive ideas or contact with your personal guides.

Activate Chi in this sector when you are ready for:

  • meeting the right person at the right moment who could be telling you something important that may change your life
  • harvesting what you have sown; as you know ‘what goes around comes around’
  • synchronicity
  • attracting more or better employees, teachers or any kind of helpful people into your life
  • drawing in more customers or clients
  • travelling
  • contacting your guides
  • moving house or work location

What room do you have for new friends, customers or life experiences if your attention and your energy are continually exhausted with ones that drain you?

Your home will be telling you what needs to go now to free up space for the new.

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