Life Area 7 – Creativity

Life Area Seven


  • Is life becoming a drudge, weighting you down?
  • Forgotten the last time you had a good laugh and really enjoyed yourself?
  • Struggling to get creative?
  • Want to start a family or to bless a child?

This area of your life symbolises your creativity and imagination. Children figure largely here, both your own and others. New projects, inspiration and encouragement, this Sector reminds us to play and have fun. Life is to be enjoyed!

If it’s time to for you to get creative and start really enjoying life, to be kind or generous, it’s time to activate Chi in Sector 7. You can:

  • re-discover or expand your own creativity
  • encourage your children’s studies and creations
  • improve relationships with children
  • conceive a child
  • conceive or develop a new project
  • remove blockages
  • resolve issues from your childhood
  • improve your intuition
  • enjoy life – play and have fun!

To bring in the new in this Metal Element sector, first you have to cut away what you’ve finished with – complete those projects you started, or simply accept your energy has moved on and close them down.

De-clutter your mind by looking around your home and clearing out all that is no longer useful or beautiful.

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