Life Area 8 – Spirituality

Life Area Eight


  • Want to deepen your spiritual practise?
  • Searching for inner peace?
  • Stretching yourself with new studies?
  • Moving to or building a new home?

This area of our life symbolises contemplation and inner knowledge.  It includes scholastic achievements, and moves much further into the roots of wisdom, spirituality and personal development.

Activate Chi in this sector when you are ready to:

  • deepen your knowledge and/or spirituality
  • peace and quiet, stillness within
  • meditation or other spiritual practise
  • new studies
  • counselling/coaching/mentoring
  • being in the flow of life
  • planning the building of a new home

Feng Shui applied well in this sector will encourage you in your studies and Spiritual practise, bringing you beautiful reminders of what is important to you.

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